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Getting Started

9355090806_f5221afc1a_kI’ve tried dozens of times over the past years to start a blog, but never could get off the ground floor for one reason or another. I’m realizing that, despite what I had thought each time I sat down to write, I never really did have a focus or a plan for where my blog would start, and where it would head from there.

I realize now my biggest problem was I had always tried to reinvent the wheel with no help from established bloggers. This ridiculous sense of hubris put up a wall between my potential and my actual accomplishments. Unfortunately, it took me years to figure out what the problem was.

I’m starting this blog after having built a decent portfolio on Lifehack.org, and will be using The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 and Writing 101  crash courses to guide me and keep me on track throughout my journey.

Though it might be a little hacky, The Daily Post suggests I answer the following questions in my first post:

  • Why make my blog public?

First of all, I want to share my ideas with the world. Having begun writing for Lifehack earlier in 2015, I’ve been amazed at how quickly some of my articles have been spread throughout the Internet by various Twitter users and bloggers. It’s been a huge shot in the arm to know my ideas are worth being shared tens of thousands of times over. Putting myself “out there” has done more for my self-confidence than writing privately ever could.

I’ve also started networking with professional writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs who I never would have contacted had I not been published on Lifehack. Not only have I felt more comfortable reaching out to them, but others have actually come to me to express their interest in my writing. Having a personal blog will allow me to get more of my own ideas out there for others to see, and hopefully I can continue to expand my network by doing so.

  • What topics will I be discussing?

I’ve found quite a niche for myself in writing self-help articles dealing with relationship issues, personal problems, and finding a path to success. Through my personal blog, I’ll aim to link content to some of the articles I’ve had published on Lifehack and expand on ideas that have piqued my interest that I hadn’t able to dig deeper into.

As this is my first serious foray into blogging, I’ll also take time to discuss the process of creating a sustainable blog in order to perhaps one day act as a guide to those who are just setting out on their blogging expedition. It’s only fair that I pay it forward, right?

  • Who do I hope to connect with?

You! I’m open to communicating with anyone willing to listen and offer advice. I’m working on my self-consciousness that has, in the past, prohibited me from stepping outside of my comfort zone. So I truly would appreciate some guidance as I continue this journey. Whereas I used to shut down after receiving criticism that was supposed to be helpful, as of late I’ve seen such critical comments as they’re meant to be: help and guidance in order to grow. If the only thing you have to say is “This blog sucks,” keep it to yourself. If you think “this blog sucks because x, y, and z,” by all means, let me have it.

I also want to connect with those who might find my ideas helpful, intriguing, or otherwise worthy of being read. I’ve definitely been surprised by the positive reactions I’ve gotten to many of my Lifehack articles, and want to use that success as a springboard for creating an interesting and worthwhile blog for the world to read.

  • What do I want to accomplish?

I’m starting this blog knowing that everyone was a beginner at one point. I see all these established blogs and am simply amazed at the fact that they all started from one single post. I’m going to keep this in mind as my blog continues to grow on a weekly basis. I’ll be posting at least three times a week, with hopefully one longform post each week as well.

While I do hope to continue growing my audience and network, that comes second to creating great content. There’s no point in networking if you don’t have anything to offer. On the other hand, as the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll just write write write and expect an audience to show up at my virtual doorstep; but I won’t feel the need to gain a mass following until I’ve established my blog.

Finally, the wrap-up

If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much!

This entry was meant to get my ideas out there, and to give you a good idea of what to expect. But more importantly, it was meant to set a foundation for myself as the author of the blog. Now that I’ve put myself out there, and completed Day 1 of The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 crash course, I feel ready and willing to take on Day 2! See you tomorrow!