About Me

282211_962451367860_2119029956_nMatt Duczeminski is a freelance writer for Lifehack.org whose content has been syndicated throughout the web on various blogs, and has been translated into Russian, Japanese, and other languages he himself cannot speak (or even read for that matter). He’s recently begun writing for CareerAddict,

Matt has always wanted to start a blog, but had never been able to find a niche to fit into. Writing for Lifehack has helped him discover talents that had laid dormant inside him for years. He has since penned dozens of self-help articles dealing with mental and emotional health, relationship and career advice, and how to be content with life in general. He’s also pretty opinionated about a lot of current happenings around the globe, and tries to stay as informed as possible.

Matt lives in Wyncote, PA with his beautiful wife, Sarah, who is the reason he gets out of bed and hits the ground running every morning. (That sounds really mean if you read it a certain way! Oops!)


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